Alyans Marble "Window to the Nature"

Travertine Tiles - Pattern Tiles - Slabs - Tumbled Tiles - Mosaics - Mouldings

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Please feel free to call us concerning to your opinions and offers. Alyans Marble’s specialts will replay as soon as possible. You can call us evertime.
Environmental Environmental
Alyans Marble provides services in environmental awareness both on steps of production and delivery. To ensure that we constantly invest to recycling plant.
On Time On Time
Our basic principle is keeping our promises in production and delivery processes. To ensure that we are ready to sacrifice. Your word is our word.
Real Quality Real Quality
Alyans Marble’s production quality is accepted by its customers. Provides this success by its quality control system which is valid in all steps of production.
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Alyans Marble Ltd. was established in Kocabas, Denizli in 2000 with experienced personnel but limited material power. Although the difficulties faced at the beginning; Alyans Marble Ltd. has become one of the respected companies with its principles and selective machines in a short time. In 30.000 sqm open and 6.000 sqm covered area; beyond block, [...]